Sonntag, 9. Dezember 2012

feel for you.

Würdest du...
...auch dann an mich glauben, wenn alles hoffnungslos erscheint, wenn die Sonne für immer zu verschwinden droht, wenn die ganze Rationalität und Logik uns einfach nicht mehr weiterbringt?
...weiterhin zu mir halten und mich unterstützen, auch wenn du selbst darunter leiden könntest?  
...jeden Schmerz hinnehmen, nur damit ich meinen eigenen Weg zum Glück finde? 
...deine Hand für mich ins Feuer legen? 
...von einer Klippe ins Meer springen, um mich vor dem Ertrinken zu retten?

Don't put me down, I don't know where I'm going. I've been searching the truth for so long but the more I search, the more detours I'm finding - the more I am confused. I'm sorry that I might never be the one to make you happy but it was too much for me. The waves came nearer and nearer and I was in danger to get drowned. I needed to go to save my life and as you know: love's never easy and explainable. I wish I could have stayed and see the glimpse in your blue eyes every day. I wish I could have watched the leaves falling from the trees with you by my side. I wish I could have experienced the time going by and watching us getting old. I wish so much but as we know time can't be turned back. 
I think about you while putting on my nail polish "Karl says très chic" and listening to Lucia's Silence. This room has gotten cold and grey but I won't go back. I might have lost the love of my life but I won't regret. With you, my worst wasn't deniable anymore.

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